Malentines Day (2024)

What do you do on Malentine's Day?

As long as you’re with your best mates, that’s the most important factor. You can buy each other a gift to show your love and respect for each other, whether that’s football tickets, a personalised wallet or you could pay for an experience to enjoy together.

Make sure to let your mates know how important they are to you and how much they’ve impacted your life. Also, be wary of friends in your life who may not have plans on Valentine’s Day and are single, try to meet up with them and see how they’re doing, making sure they don’t feel down at all.

Malentines Day (2024)


How do I respond to "wanna be my Valentine"? ›

Direct Acceptance: A straightforward “Yes, I'd love to be your Valentine” clearly communicates your mutual interest. With Enthusiasm: If you're excited about it, don't hesitate to express that. Saying something like, “Absolutely!

What is the best message for Valentine's Day? ›

Simple Valentine's Day Messages
  • You and me were meant to be.
  • You make me smile!
  • I love you to the moon and back!
  • Being yours is a dream come true. Happy Valentine's Day!
  • I love you just the way you are!
  • I love you THIS much!
  • I still fall in love with you every day.
  • I didn't choose you, my heart did.
Jan 8, 2024

What are some Valentine's Day questions? ›

10 Power Questions to Ask a Loved One on Valentine's Day
  • Hearts, Flowers… ...
  • What are your dreams? ...
  • What would you say has been the happiest day of your life? (and Why did you choose that day?) ...
  • Can you tell me about your plans? ...
  • What do you think about… ...
  • What do you wish you could spend more time on each week?

What to say when a guy says happy Valentine's Day? ›

Here are some ways to give a good Valentine's Day wish reply.
  • Thank you for the wonderful Valentine's Day messages. ...
  • My face lit up when I saw your Valentine's day text. ...
  • I'm thankful that I have a family I can call home. ...
  • I wish you all peace and happiness on this special day.
Feb 14, 2023

How to reject a Valentine nicely? ›

I'm so sorry but I'm just not ready for this right now! A progressive response for the time when you know that you are not in the right headspace and need more time to be ready for a new relationship. You know its not the same AS IT WAS. "Sorry, but I'm no more into guys/girls!!"

Would you like to be my Valentine reply? ›

Well, if you want to be their Valentine then I would suggest just saying “yeah I'll be your Valentine,” or simply “yes :).” You could also say “yeah I'll be your valentine, will you be mine?” Those answers are what I (personally) would say.

How do I tell him happy on Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine Messages for Lover
  1. You're sweet, strong, smart and sexy. ...
  2. Every time I'm with you, the room gets a whole lot hotter.
  3. You are my lover, my partner, my inspiration, my best friend, my one and only, my life. ...
  4. From the first touch in the morning to the last kiss at night, I love every little romantic thing we share.

Can I say happy Valentine's Day to a friend? ›

It's also the perfect opportunity to celebrate other influential, lovable, and fun people in your life — your very best friends. Use this Valentine's Day as an opportunity to say “Happy Valentine's Day friend!” to your besties.

How do you express Valentine's Day? ›

I wish you a Valentine's Day filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments with those who mean the most to you. May your heart be full of love and joy this Valentine's Day as you celebrate the special bonds in your life. Sending warm wishes your way for a Valentine's Day that's as wonderful and unique as you are.

What is a good Valentine's quote? ›

Valentine, you take my breath away, every single day. It's just one day in the year, but you should know that I love you every day and every moment. The more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other. Happy Valentine's Day!

How to flirt on Valentine's Day? ›

Tease and flirt with the girl to let her know that you're crushing on her.
  1. “You want to know who I want as my Valentine? Reread the first word of the question 😉”
  2. “I told Cupid about someone I have a crush on. Have you seen him yet?”
  3. “I think someone you know likes you. I'll give you a hint, their name is spelled M-E.”

Do you say thank you when someone says Happy Valentines Day? ›

Here are some ways to give a good Valentine's Day wish reply. Thank you for the wonderful Valentine's Day messages. On this day, I want you to understand that I am grateful for every one of you. My face lit up when I saw your Valentine's day text.

What does it mean if someone wishes you happy Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine's Day is not just about romance; it's a celebration of all the love that makes life beautiful. Spread love and kindness today! Roses are red, violets are blue, wishing a Happy Valentine's Day to each and every one of you! Today is all about sharing smiles, laughter, and love.

How do you appreciate someone on Valentine's Day? ›

Show the people you love that you care about them by paying attention to the finest details – like picking out a Netflix movie you know that's on their bucket list, spending time unplugging from social media and being fully present in the moment with them, and enjoy meaningful conversations about life until the sun ...

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