Trolls Movie Review (2024)

A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

  • Educational Value

    a little

    Kids will learn lessons about the importance of empathy and perseverance, as well as believing in yourself and never giving up.

  • Positive Messages

    a lot

    Never give up. Everyone has the potential to be happy, and you shouldn't pin all your hopes for happiness on something outside yourself. It's important to be loved and appreciated for who you really are; you shouldn't have to change how you look/act to make someone interested in you. And having fun is great, but you can't just do what you want all the time -- you also have to be responsible and think about consequences. Friendship and loyalty are important. Some bodily function humor (notably, shiny trolls who shoot glitter out of their bottoms when they pass gas).

  • Positive Role Models

    a lot

    Poppy is a strong female character. She's brave, loyal, positive, and a good friend. She never gives up. She starts out only thinking about fun but learns the importance of considering consequences. She empathizes with Bridget and sticks with her. Branch starts out cynical and pessimistic but learns to be happy again. He's resourceful and smart and very well-prepared. Bridget learns to stand up for herself and be proud of who she is. The other Bergens are greedy and selfish but also open to new ideas (except for Chef, who's nasty, through and through). The trolls are a diverse bunch who come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

  • Violence & Scariness


    Frequent peril. The Bergens are scary looking (especially Chef); they threaten to eat the trolls, and they brandish knives and other cooking implements around them. Tense chase scenes and times when it looks like not all the trolls survive. Bergens invade the trolls' party and cause fear and panic, then capture many of them. Poppy encounters/dodges many hungry predators on her way to Bergentown. She, Branch, and their friends are chased by a big, vicious dog-like animal and have lots of other narrow escapes; sometimes it seems as though trolls have been eaten. Branch recalls a sad moment from his past, when he lost someone he loved. Chef treats Bridget very cruelly. In the end, it appears two bad-guy characters meet a fiery fate.

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  • Sex, Romance & Nudity

    a little

    Bridget has a huge crush on the prince. They flirt, and, as Lady Glitter Sparkles, Bridget strikes "sexy" poses to get his attention. He calls her "hot lunch," and at one point makes a reference to finding "another way to work up an appetite" (turns out he's referring to roller skating). Flirting/romantic tension between Poppy and Branch. Glitter-covered trolls have bare, sparkly bottoms.

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  • Language

    very little

    A few uses of "OMG" (also said as "oh my gah," with the ending of the word not clearly defined), plus "stupid" and insults like "dumpy diapers." Also slang like "oh, snap," "YOLO," and "solid burn."

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  • Products & Purchases

    a little

    No product placement within the movie, but the whole movie is based on a toy line, and there are tons of offline merchandising tie-ins. Also heavily promoted soundtrack.

  • Parents Need to Know

    Parents need to know that Trolls is a cute, colorful adventure inspired by the tall-haired troll dolls that first became popular in the 1960s. It centers on peppy troll Princess Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick), who teams up with grumpy pessimist Branch (Justin Timberlake) to rescue her friends from the troll-hungry Bergens. Along the way everyone learns lessons about inner happiness, never giving up, and being proud of who you are. Everything has a fuzzy, felted look to it, which softens some of the danger and peril. But little kids are still likely to be scared by the greedy, hungry Bergens. And they may well hide their eyes when Poppy and her friends flee from danger and have several narrow escapes. There's also a sad moment when Branch remembers losing someone he loved. Two of the Bergens flirt, striking some "sexy" poses and exchanging a couple of mild innuendoes. Bodily function humor includes the projectile-glitter farts of Poppy's sparkly friend, Guy Diamond, whose glittery buttocks are also visible. Expect a few uses of "OMG"/"oh my gah" (the ending of the word is left undefined) and "stupid"/other insults. But in the end, what you'll remember are the great songs, the strong themes of friendship and empathy, and the fun characters. To stay in the loop on more movies like this, you can sign up for weekly Family Movie Night emails.

What's the Story?

As TROLLS begins, viewers learn that it's been 20 years since the cute, colorful, tall-haired creatures fled the mean, miserable Bergens, who can only feel happiness when they eat trolls. Led by Princess Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendrick), the trolls have long forgotten to be afraid of the Bergens and now enjoy a carefree life full of rainbows, parties, and songs. But when one of Poppy's celebrations gets especially loud and glittery, the exiled Bergen Chef (Christine Baranski) tracks them down and captures several of Poppy's closest friends. The plucky princess is determined to fix her mistake and rescue her pals -- but to do it, she'll need the help of pessimistic Branch (Justin Timberlake) and, eventually, a poorly treated Bergen named Bridget (Zooey Deschanel).

Talk to Your Kids About ...

  • Families can talk about Trolls' messages about happiness. Do you agree with Poppy that everyone deserves to be happy? What do the Bergens learn about finding happiness? What makes you happy?

  • Who does Poppy feel empathy for, and how can you tell? What does it mean to persevere? Why are empathy and perseverance important character strengths?

  • What does Bridget's storyline tell us about self-image? Why didn't she think the prince would like her as Bridget? How did becoming Lady Glitter Sparkles ultimately give her the confidence to believe in herself?

  • What do Branch and Poppy learn from each other? Why is it important to think about the consequences of your actions? Is that the only thing you should think about?

  • How do the songs contribute to the movie? Which one was your favorite, and why? Would you have liked the movie as much without all the music?

Movie Details

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Trolls Movie Review (2024)


Is Trolls ok for a 4 year old? ›

It also has scenes that show the trolls being chased and eaten. Therefore, it might be too scary for children aged under five years, but children over this age and their parents are likely to enjoy it. This movie has messages about the: benefits of staying positive and optimistic.

Why is Trolls such a good movie? ›

Trolls is cute, it's colorful, it has tons of catchy songs, and the messages are positive and easy to understand (happiness is inside everyone, if you know where/how to find it, and you shouldn't have to change who you are to get someone to like you).

How woke is the new Trolls movie? ›

But I love that it depicts a world in which strange beings of all provenance — trolls, ogreish Bergen, and many others — have learned to live together in harmony while respecting one another's differences. (The Bergen wedding scene is festooned with rainbow flags. Yup: this movie is Woke.

Is the new Trolls movie appropriate? ›

This movie contains a number of inappropriate adult jokes referencing drugs and sex and I don't think this has any place in a kids movie. Even if young kids won't understand the references. The plot line is also convoluted and confusing for younger children. The musical numbers make it watchable.

Does the new trolls movie say bad words? ›

"Suck," "god," one audible use of the phrase "good as hell" in the song "Let's Get Married," and bleeped uses of the "s-word" respectively. Some uses of "hell" in songs in an early scene. One of the character is referred as a "succubi".

Why is trolls 3 rated PG? ›

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “some mild rude and suggestive humor.” The evaluation includes a few kissing scenes, a few flirting scenes, brief Troll nudity, many scenes of a Troll being locked in a jar and slowly losing his color and looking weak, we hear and see a shadow puppet reenactment of ...

Why is Trolls 3 so popular? ›

There are two things that draw people to the Trolls movies: the vibrant animation and the music. To its credit, Trolls Band Together is absolutely gorgeous, and the animators find all sorts of ways to make CGI animation feel fresh and interesting.

What is the evil thing in Trolls? ›

The Chef is the former chef of the Bergen Palace and the main antagonist in the DreamWorks film, Trolls. Chef never was the same after the Trolls escaped Bergen Town. She had it all: a sterling reputation, throngs of admirers, and a coveted spot in the Royal Kitchen. In a way, she was happy.

What is the point of the Trolls movie? ›

Its theme is that happiness isn't found in outward circ*mstances or in material things, but from within.

Why is Trolls not on Disney? ›

No, Trolls Band Together will not be on Disney+ since it will go to Peaco*ck and Netflix following its theatrical run.

What kind of troll is Cooper? ›

After getting to know his family and quickly growing close to them, Cooper comes to the understanding that although he was born a Funk Troll and raised as a Pop Troll he doesn't have to be just one or the other, deciding he's Pop and Funk, as he explains to Branch and Poppy (alongside Hickory) once they're brought ...

Why did Spruce change his name to Bruce? ›

"Spruce" isn't commonly used as a personal name, hence the shift to "Bruce". His currently preferred name Bruce is also connected to nature, as some of its definitions define it as thick bushes.

Are the Trolls movies actually good? ›

Trolls Reviews

Trolls may be one of the more forgettable (brand tie-in movies), but while its here everyone will be entertained. There's nothing to really dislike here; it's too chirpy and enthusiastic for that. There's just a disappointing lack of effort to do more than is expected of it.

Why is John Dory called John Dory Trolls? ›

Etymology. John Dory is a type of fish. Like his brothers, he has a name connected to nature as a result.

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