Trolls (2024)


Trolls is an animated movie set in a magical, colourful paradise where a community of trolls lives a fun-filled existence. The trolls spend their time hugging, dancing, singing, scrapbooking and doing glitter-farts. They’re ruled by the eternally optimistic and gorgeous Princess Poppy (voice of Anna Kendrick), who loves to keep everyone happy.

One day, Princess Poppy throws a party so spectacular and so loud that it’s spotted by a ‘Bergen’. Bergens are horrid, depressed monsters who can feel happiness only when they eat trolls. This particular Bergen, the exiled head chef (voice of Christine Baranski), knows that she can win favour with the young Bergen king, Gristle (voice of Christopher Mintz-Plasse), by bringing him some tasty trolls to eat. She gatecrashes the troll party and kidnaps a handful of the tiny creatures.

Princess Poppy is completely shocked but knows that she must rescue her captured subjects before they’re eaten. She enlists the help of Branch (voice of Justin Timberlake), who is the only grumpy and pessimistic troll in the bunch. Poppy convinces him to team up with her to travel to the Bergen town and save the kidnapped trolls. Despite facing danger along the way, Poppy and Branch learn many lessons and sing many cheerful songs.


Community; love and kindness; kidnapping; creatures being killed and eaten


Trolls has a few scenes of animated violence. For example:

  • A baby Bergen yanks out handfuls of his father’s chest hair to wake him up.
  • Branch chases a cloud-man with a pointy stick.
  • Branch uses his long hair as a whip to protect Poppy from some spiders.
  • Branch throws Poppy’s guitar onto a fire.
  • Many scenes show creatures eating or swallowing smaller creatures.
  • On their journey through the forest, Poppy and Branch come across many big spiders and animals that try to eat them.
  • Poppy gets trapped in spider silk. Five spiders crowd around her and are about to eat her. Branch rescues her.
  • King Gristle’s ugly pet alligator chases the trolls.
  • The chef often threatens the trolls with knives or cleavers from the kitchen.

Sexual references

Trolls has some mild sexual and romantic references. For example:

  • Bridget (voice of Zooey Deschanel), the Bergen scullery maid, is in love with King Gristle. She dreams of him and pines after him. She’s making a scrapbook collage of romantic images of her and the king.
  • The trolls agree to give Bridget a makeover, so that she becomes a ‘total babe’ and is more attractive to the King.
  • Bridget and the King go on a date and exchange flirtatious and suggestive comments – for example, ‘Maybe we should find another way to … ahem … work up and appetite?’.
  • Bridget does some flirtatious and sexy dancing.

King Gristle exercises furiously to impress Bridget. He says, ‘I just have to lose 30 pounds in the next 8 hours’.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

None of concern

Nudity and sexual activity

Trolls has some nudity and crude body function humour. For example:

  • The troll King takes off his clothes and has a bare bottom.
  • The glitter troll is naked and can do glitter-farts.
  • One of the creatures poos cupcakes.

Product placement

There is no product placement of concern in Trolls, but plenty of associated merchandise is being marketed to children.

Coarse language

Trolls has some mild insults and mild body function jokes.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Trolls is a lively and spectacular fantasy. It’s full of funny, loveable characters and some entertaining music and dance scenes. It’s humorous, well-paced and full of good messages.

Trolls features scary creatures like the Bergens and large spiders. It also has scenes that show the trolls being chased and eaten. Therefore, it might be too scary for children aged under five years, but children over this age and their parents are likely to enjoy it.

This movie has messages about the:

  • benefits of staying positive and optimistic
  • power of community, friendship and teamwork
  • joy of music.

You could talk with your children about whether you should feel you need to change your appearance to be attractive to someone you like.

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Trolls (2024)


What is the best response to trolls? ›

Responding to trolls often prolongs their attacks. Sometimes the best response is no response. Preserve as evidence all messages, emails, social posts, or voice mails.

How to deal with troll comments? ›

The first rule of dealing with trolls is to not engage with them. By ignoring them, you deny them the attention they crave. Trolls often thrive on getting a reaction, and responding to them can escalate the situation. It's vital to remember that you can't reason with someone whose primary goal is to provoke.

How to annoy a troll? ›

Ignore them

' Often, trolls are motivated by attention and emotional responses, which means replying to nasty or offensive comments is giving them what they want. Attempting to debate them will only make them troll more.

How to beat an internet troll? ›

5 tips for dealing with online trolls
  1. Starve the troll. It's totally understandable to want to wage a war on trolls with your keyboard, but trolls thrive on others' anger, frustration and annoyance. ...
  2. Record it. ...
  3. Stand up for yourself. ...
  4. Log off. ...
  5. Tell someone you trust.

Is it best to ignore trolls? ›

- Ignore them: The best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them. Trolls want attention and validation from others. If you don't give them what they want, they will lose interest and move on. Don't feed the trolls by responding or engaging with them.

What is the troll weakness? ›

He's a troll so use fire, like in any other fantasy setting. Trolls are weak to fire, it's part of their characteristics....

Why do people troll you? ›

Most people troll others for either revenge, for attention seeking, for boredom and simply for personal amusem*nt. For some, they could be hitting out at people who are successful, happy, and enjoying their life because maybe the troll's life isn't like that.

How do you disarm a troll? ›

To disarm a troll in Hogwarts Legacy, you've gotta be quick on your feet! First, dodge their attacks to make them stumble or hit something solid, like a wall or big rock. That's your chance—cast Expelliarmus to disarm them when they're stunned. If you've got spells like Levioso to lift and throw objects, even better.

Is trolling a toxic behavior? ›

While acknowledging that trolling is not always performed with harmful intentions, it is important to mention that trolling is often associated with toxic behaviors and cyber-bullying.

What are trolls afraid of? ›

As un-Christian creatures, they are believed to have an aversion to church bells and are scared of lightning. They are described as evil spirits that turn into stone if exposed to sunlight.

What is the enemy of a troll? ›

The most common enemy of trolls are dwarves, and the animosity between these two races is ancient.

What is typical troll behavior? ›

Trolling is when someone posts or comments online to 'bait' people, which means deliberately provoking an argument or emotional reaction. In some cases they say things they don't even believe, just to cause drama.

What kills a troll? ›

Trolls can be defeated by using spells, basic magic attacks, ancient magic, and consumables like Chomping Cabbage.

How to handle haters and trolls? ›

Don't Respond in Kind

Perhaps the most important tip for authors dealing with haters, trolls, negative feedback, or dissenters is to refuse to respond in defense or anger. I received an angry email from someone I trusted and respected, and it was very difficult to receive.

What should you do if an internet troll starts to bother you? ›

What should you do if you're being trolled?
  1. Don't respond.
  2. Block the trolls' accounts.
  3. Don't post online that you're being targeted.
  4. Take some time out from social media.
  5. If the abuse you receive makes you feel at threat or is otherwise unlawful - report it to the social media platform and the police.

What to say to a troll on Facebook? ›

The best way to deal with a troll posting mean comments on Facebook is to:
  1. Avoid engaging or responding to their comments.
  2. Use the platform's reporting and blocking features to report the behavior.
  3. Encourage others not to respond either, limiting their attention.
  4. If necessary, escalate the issue to Facebook support.
Aug 27, 2023

What is the message of trolls? ›

Trolls is cute, it's colorful, it has tons of catchy songs, and the messages are positive and easy to understand (happiness is inside everyone, if you know where/how to find it, and you shouldn't have to change who you are to get someone to like you).

What does trolls teach us? ›

I have learned, happiness does not depend on any people, circ*mstance, achievement, or thing. The Trolls movie is teaching us the same wisdom in a fun and easy way to understand. It's brilliant! Do you know what are your concepts of happiness at work and in life?

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