Guy Diamond (2024)

Guy Diamond is a supporting character in Trolls, having appeared throughout the franchise ever since. He's a member of The Snack Pack.


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Guy Diamond is a Troll with silver skin covered in sparkly white glitter. He has long silver hair that sticks up with a metallic shine to it. He has greyish-blue eyebrows, blue eyes and a green nose. He wears a green Hug-Time Bracelet that blooms into a green flower when it's hug time. As with other Glitter Trolls, Guy doesn't wear clothes.

Guy's voice has an auto-tuned sound, and is the only character voice so far to be like that.


He has the same appearance as in Trolls.


His design is mostly the same as in Trolls and Trolls Holiday, but he has a slightly different hairstyle and a more defined chin.

In "Doc Doc, Who's There?", he claims to have a beautiful body. As a Glitter Troll, he's noted to be stunning compared to other Trolls due to his glittery body texture.

Guy Diamond (1)



He's briefly shown as a child in the episode "Bringing Up Birdy". He looked much the same as he does as an adult, but had star-shaped freckles on his cheeks.


He appears as he did in Trolls and Trolls Holiday, though his skin texture has been changed slightly.




He has the same design as in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!.

In "It's Dad-urday", it's revealed by his son Tiny Diamond that a large part of his "marvelous" body is fake. His calves, though well-defined, are actually fake and he has a "bald spot" on the side of his body he sprays.





Official Bios



Guy Diamond is our resident “naked glitter Troll,” with heaps of body confidence and a unique idea of personal space. He is a glitter party on two feet.

  • Guy Diamond is popular, but not pompous.
  • He shakes off clouds of glitter when he dances.
  • Guy Diamond speaks in an auto-tune voice.
  • He is the living disco ball at any party.
—DreamWorks, 2016

Trolls: The Beat Goes On![]

Guy is ambitious, cheeky, and just a little bit vain. But as much as he wants to stand out and be the center of attention, Guy Diamond's greatest passion is helping his friends to treat themselves and live the good life. Also, farting glitter.


Guy Diamond is a cheeky, ambitious, and glitter-farting Troll with a passion for being in the spotlight and helping his friends live the good life.[2]

—Universal Kids, 2020

Trolls World Tour[]

Not only can he fart glitter, proud new father Guy Diamond ups his game when he lays an egg out of his hair...and out hatches Tiny Diamond, a Pop Troll who raps.

—DreamWorks, 2020

Trolls: TrollsTopia[]

Guy is ambitious and a little bit vain. He's proud of his glittery appearance, and given the opportunity, will gladly become the center of attention.[3]

—Hulu, 2020

Kinder Egg Bio[]

From his Trolls World Tour promo:

Blessed with heaps of confidence – but not a stitch of clothing – Guy Diamond knows how to kick off any party. This glitter Troll’s upbeat energy always rubs off on whoever is around him, just like the sparkles covering his entire body!



Guy doesn't get many lines in Trolls, rather being more of an "in your face" character. When he's seen hugging other Trolls, he ends up hugging himself, indicating he loves himself as much as any Troll. However, Trolls World Tour does show that he does have a paternal side for his son Tiny.

In the 2D series, Guy is shown to be full of himself and very egotistical, often wanting to be the center of all attention. He struggles at times to be humble, and can even be arrogant about his social status of "The Life of the Party", needing to be brought down to reality from time to time by others. As he considers himself *the* Glitter Troll, he's one of the vainest Glitter Trolls shown in the series. If given the choice between something fun and boring, he will choose to do the act that's most fun, and doing boring things is of no interest to him.

In reality, he has confidence issues and worries about his own popularity and social status. He likes to play off his dramas and is known to be incredibly dramatic on purpose. He has ignorance about when he has gone too far and in truth, isn't aware that his efforts to make others hobbies and interests more entertaining can go too far as seen in "Glamping". The result of this is that he recieves a number of lessons in humility throughout 2D animations. A running gag in Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is that he's often told or warned about something, only for him to yell that he's doing it anyway.

He's also not above mocking others or pointing out their flaws, like Smidge.

Because of how he views himself as beautiful, when given the chance to met an alternative version of himself in Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Wormhole Scavenger Hunt" he rushed to meet Dingy Diamond claiming to be a big fan of him, but only because Dingy was an alternative version of himself and Guy is his own biggest fan. He quickly recoiled his enthusiasm after Dingy turned out to be very different to himself. In "Art Breaker", he considered himself a work of art.




Queen Poppy

Guy is one of Poppy's closest friends, and therefore a member of The Snack Pack.


In Trolls, he generally found Branch a downer, much like other Trolls until the movie's ending.

At the same time in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode "Glamping", he states that he finds Branch outrageous and different, and that he wants to be in on a lot of things Branch has to offer, but isn't aware of how intrusive he is being towards Branch.


Throughout Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, Guy is shown to be supportive and encouraging of Biggie.


Guy and Smidge have a fluctuating relationship in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!. In "Unhealthy Competition", Guy competed against her over Stoutberry juice making, simply because he wanted in on the spotlight as she was the only Stoutberry juice maker. In "Crushin' It", however, Guy and Branch both attempted to join in helping to teach Smidge how to be more refined. Smidge and Guy are at their worst together when their habit of mocking and teasing others is egged on by the other. They particularly love to mock Branch over his many flaws, as seen in the episode "The Bunker List".

Meanwhile in "Hair Ball", Guy invites her to the Hair Ball as his date; when he finds out she also invited Milton Moss, he was more insulted, as she didn't tell him then that she had two dates. Although, he was able to use the situation to get pity from others, and was still prepared to act as a disco ball for the pair's final dance of the night.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On![]

Gia Grooves

In the episode "Doc Doc, Who's There?", Guy showed honest concern for Gia when she got gum in her hair. He stayed with her and held her hand when Poppy was going to cut the gum out of her hair. In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Palentine's Day", Gia asked Guy to be her Palentine, which he had already accepted in the previous Palentine's Day event.

Meadow Spriggs

Meadow Spriggs was Guy Diamond's apprentice in "The Partier's Apprentice". Guy trained her so well that she went from being a shy Troll to a "Life of the Party" like him. Unfortunately, he soon realized she got better than him at his own job. In the end, the two agreed that together they're the "Life of the Party", and decided to work together to bring parties to their full potential.

Sky Toronto

In "Friend Matching", Poppy ran a questionnaire which attempted to match Trolls in Troll Village to each other in a big to make a instant friendship happen. Guy and Sky were matched up perfectly to each other, and Poppy made a number of attempts to bring them together. However, nothing worked and she began to question her friend matching skills. The two were opposites in everything, even when they enjoyed the same sport, they supported different teams and angrily had issues with each other over their support of the opposite team. Eventually, they got into a heated fight and started to try and out-sing each other, with Sky using a special microphone that mimicked Guy's singing abilities, causing Poppy to reveal everything (she hid that she had matched them because it causes awkwardness). It is revealed that Sky never failed out his form, he got someone else to fill it out. The two part ways declaring a friendship between them was impossible; then admitting they sounded good together singing and thus became friends anyway.

Trolls: TrollsTopia[]


Guy and Synth were paired up together in "The Buddy System". Though they admitted they like each other, the two struggled to be friends and like all the "buddies" needed time.

Lownote Jones

Lownote and Guy have a mutual consideration and respect of each other. While Guy loves being the center of attention, Lownote can accidently grab attention from others. The two don't mind sharing the focus as both have similar concerns with being the center when it comes to others.

Dingy Diamond

Dingy Diamond is an alternate dimension counterpart of Guy whom he met during a scavenger hunt run by Lownote Jones. Though keen to meet his alternate self, he changes his mind when put off by Dingy's stench; the two didn't get along at all.


Tiny Diamond

Guy gives birth to a son named Tiny Diamond in Trolls World Tour. He's seen to be happy and amazed at his new son.

Rivals and Enemies[]

Archer Pastry

Started out as a rival for Guy in "The Party Games", the two were left at odds as Archer proved to be a greater Troll then Guy was and out did him in everything, making Guy fear losing to a young upstart. Eventually he got over his rivalry with Archer in the episode. Archer did later get revealed as a Party Crasher scout, though eventually Archer, now also known under his real name of "Kaboom" eventually befriended the Trolls.

Skills & Abilities


He has most normal Troll abilities, as well as the abilities of his Tribe and those of a Glitter Troll.


Guy Diamond is known as the "Life of the Party". He loves attention, but he also loves giving attention and tries to often lift every event he attends. As much as it seems to overbearing for more quieter Trolls such as Branch, Guy means well; he just doesn't know when too much is too far. Since he considers himself *the* Glitter Troll and thus cannot be seen to do anything less than to make things specular. He is also seen having a desire to make others shine as much as himself. Examples of this include pitching a invention of his to Sky Toronto in "Weekend At Diamond's", and making sure Smidge was also the center of attention alongside him in "Hair Ball". This continued in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "The Makeunder", where he tells Lownote Jones that he really doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with the Funk Troll.


Guy Diamond (3)

Guy has tried several times to sell ideas and new brands to other Trolls, sometimes because he wants in on the glory and other times hoping to better the life of others. His desire to make up others more like Glitter Trolls by glittering them up (proposing a new holiday "New Glitter's Eve" in "Blank Day"), and attempts to make other Trolls shine just like him are often behind the root of his ideas.


In Trolls: The Beat Goes On! and Trolls: TrollsTopia, Guy was shown to do acting. He enjoys a good story to go alongside his skills, and likes to act using a method acting style. His acting is a reflection of his personality.


As typical of Pop Trolls, Guy Diamond dislikes mundane explanations and metaphors, preferring something fun and accessible instead. Guy often does idiocy because between his vanity and love of the fun, he jumps to conclusions and acts without thinking. This was a running gag throughout Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, where it constantly led him to do rash things when with other fun-loving Trolls such as Smidge. Guy otherwise shows average intellect, and aside from things related to his own passions and vanity, often doesn't display a lack of intelligence or a lot of it. In Trolls: TrollsTopia, he's much less reckless, but this is mostly linked to his present fatherhood, as Guy shows more responsiblity and is in turn less likely to do moronic actions.


Guy Diamond boasted in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Funtography Day" that he had never had a a bad photo taken of himself in his life. He shows off his work in his own "Guyllery". Part of this is owed to the beauty of being a Glitter Troll, making him stunning to beyond. But he's also a execellent model with creatative ideas to get good shots. He relies on "help" from fans and lighting to get great shots.

In "Ready, Set, Calendar!", Guy and Holly Darlin' were asked to complete the TrollsTopia calendar, and both displayed a knack for photography, only failing with one of their desired photographs.


Guy Diamond is very competitive at times, to the point that in the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! episode "The Party Games", he forgot that the point of the competition in the episode was only to have fun. Mostly, winning allows him to become the center of attention, something he craves and like all things Guy does that leads to his ego inflating, is another thing he often needs to reel in.


Guy Diamond (4)

Guy's voice has a auto-tuning effect on it. When he sings or talks, his voice can sound digital at times. Since no other Pop Trolls had been seen with this ability, it is presumably a talent he developed himself. In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Funder Construction", Guy mentioned the first time he did the autotuned vocals, he didn't quite get it right, thus got a half-autotuned vocal. This indicates that he learnt the trait by accident, so it wasn't a trait he was born with and it took him more than one go to get it right. In "Friend Matching", Sky Toronto managed to capture his "gift" too via a microphone. In some Trolls World Tour media, it was said that the Techno Trolls could do this too, making his "gift" outside of their Tribe an unique oddity.

In "Whimsy Wasps", when his whimsy is exhausted and he becomes very serious, he makes his voice auto-tune by accident and repeats what he had said without it. This implies he has control over the ability and can switch it off if neccessary.

In "Big Poppy", when he is auditioning to compete in a compliment rap battle, he finds it impossible to rap as he auto-tunes everything.

In media outside the films, Guy is also known for his excellent dance moves; thanks to his glittery body, his moves are stunning to behold. Very few Trolls can outdo him in dancing, with Cooper being one of them, but this is due to Cooper having 4 legs to dance with. The character bios for Trolls list only Moxie Dewdrop as one of the few who could compete with Guy Diamond, though she doesn't appear in most Trolls-related media.


Until "Don't Make Me Laugh!", Guy was the current reigning champion of the "Knock out" tournament, his style involved telling knock, knock jokes. He was knocked out by Cooper who interupted him with a "interrupting cow" joke. Guy represented the Pop Troll Tribe in the tournament.

Vehicle Maneuver[]

In "Flyer's Ed", Guy attended Lownote Jones' flying lessons. He passed the class, but like most of the students came nowhere near Poppy and Val Thundershock's grade. It's unknown if he progressed in his vehicle maneuver skills beyond this.

Medical Status and Issues


Guy is an adult Troll of parental age, as an individual, he is a specimen that is one of the best-looking Glitter Trolls. He won the "Glitter Troll of the Year" award as a result of "Glitter Loss". During the episode his vanity cost him his Glitter, he regained it via the Fountain of Glitter. However, a side effect of the Fountain is that he cannot be too vain or he shines so bright light reflecting off him becomes dangerous. On the other hand, not vanity at all will see him lose his glitter.

He has issues such as a bald spot and a few other traits related to an older age as mentioned in "It's Dad-urday".

Bowel Issues[]

In "Critter Comfort", it is implied that he has issues with his flatulence at times and during "Funsgiving", it was mentioned he is lactose intolerant.

He mentioned to Tiny Diamond in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Extra Tootering" that he was a late tooter and struggled making his first glitter fart, which Tiny inherited from him in the episode.




Trolls Holiday[]

Trolls: The Beat Goes On![]

Theme Song
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Season 4
Season 5
Season 8

Trolls World Tour[]

Trolls: TrollsTopia[]

Theme Song
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Season 3
Season 6
Season 7

Trolls Band Together[]



"Guy" is a male name meaning "leader". Although "Diamond" is also an actual surname, it's likely that it refers to how he "shines bright like a diamond".

In some languages, he keeps the meaning of his name as "Guy Diamond", whereas others drop "Guy" as part of his name and choose to only call him by the name of "Diamond", often with a spelling change to the localisation of that languages.




  • His nakedness is a surprise among the Pop Trolls, but most vintage Troll dolls lacked clothing.
  • In "Bringing Up Birdy", Guy is shown as a child. Branch was 10 years old at the time he was attacked by the bird. Guy's body proportions aren't the same as Branch's in that scene, and judging by them he's younger than Branch, but making the two have relatively similar ages to each other.
    • In "The Party Games", it is also mentioned that he felt threatened by "a young upstart" when Archer Pastry outdid him in the games.
    • In "It's Dad-urday", Tiny notes that Guy has a "bald spot" where he lacks Glitter. This is a joke, as older male humans often bald with age, but also is an acknowledgement about Guy being a more mature Troll.
  • Guy's star sign is Taurus.[4]
    • Taurus are said to desire social interactions, as well as having strong desires, both of which are nods to Guy's personality.
  • In 2D animation, the majority of Glitter Trolls are shown in a variety of colors. But natural occurring glitter is always silvery in color like Guy and Tiny Diamond, making them some of the few Glitter Trolls who are identical in clor to the natural flowing Glitter of the Trolls' world.

Specific To...

Trolls World Tour
  • How Guy gave birth to Tiny seems to have been based on a cut scene from Trolls World Tour, in which Cloud Guy gives birth to his and Janet's kids Windy, Stormy and Jr. after the two clouds broke up earlier in the movie. Cloud Guy was left raising their kids by himself.



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Guy Diamond (2024)


What does Guy Diamond look like? ›

Guy Diamond is a Troll with silver skin covered in sparkly white glitter. He has long silver hair that sticks up with a metallic shine to it. He has greyish-blue eyebrows, blue eyes and a green nose. He wears a green Hug-Time Bracelet that blooms into a green flower when it's hug time.

What is Tiny diamond's dad's name? ›

Surprisingly deep voice. Looks just like his dad, Guy Diamond.

How was the tiny diamond born? ›

Tiny's birth seems to have been based on a cut scene only known by its animatic, where Cloud Guy gave birth to his children "Windy", "Stormy" and "Jr.". Like Guy Diamond, Cloud Guy popped the kids out of his head.

Is Guy Diamond a girl or a boy? ›


He is a male, and always happy and good natured. Some of his friends are Branch, Bridget and Cooper. His enemies are Chef and Creek. He wears glitter and is always happy and huggable!

What kind of Troll is Guy Diamond? ›

Guy Diamond is one of the 'glitter trolls', with a sparkly, pale white-blue skin, pale white hair and a large green nose. He has blue eyes and thick eyebrows. He doesn't wear any clothes.

Does Tiny Diamond say the f word? ›

One of the character is referred as a "succubi". Tiny Diamond says "Oh f--" but the swear is fully bleeped out with a black line across his mouth aswell.

Are Poppy and Guy Diamond related? ›

However, Tiny Diamond has no family relationship with Poppy at all, Guy Diamond and Queen Poppy being only friends and Tiny Diamond referring to Poppy as his aunt only as a mark of affection.

Is Trolls 4 confirmed? ›

In an interview, it was confirmed in regards to the comment from Justin Timberlake that this will not be the last movie as there is a never-ending source material for the franchise. In a later interview, it was confirmed that a Trolls 4 is highly possible if wanted.

Did Tiny Diamond swear? ›

Tiny Diamond is by far the first character to swear in the franchise, despite being a baby. This is shown when he swore in shock when one of Spruce and Brandy's children had the Pink Eyes in Trolls Band Together, although his swear was censored.

Who is Guy Diamond's son? ›

He recently had a son, Tiny Diamond, who has found his own way to follow in his proud dad's musical footsteps.

How do the Trolls have kids? ›

Troll Eggs are also kept in the hair of the Troll, and thus Troll babies are born from the safety of their parents' hair. This is seen in both the Pop Trolls and Country Trolls. Not all the Trolls are able to use their hair in the same way, and thus not all Tribes can make their hair work the same way as another Tribe.

What accent does Guy Diamond have? ›

In the upcoming animation film, Trolls , Kunal has given his inimitably Indian voice to a troll called Guy Diamond. Interestingly, the role was reinterpreted as an Indian character following his inclusion.

Do man made diamonds look real? ›

Without specialized equipment, you won't be able to tell the difference between a lab grown or a natural diamond — they appear the same. The only noticeable difference between them is their origin: one was formed deep within the Earth, the other was grown in a lab.

How can you tell if a diamond is real or man made? ›

The thermal conductivity test is a quick way to tell if a diamond is real. A thermal conductivity test measures the heat conductivity of a diamond and can quickly determine whether it's genuine. One method involves placing two or three drops of water on your diamond. If it sinks into the stone, it's likely not real.

Is Sky Toronto Guy Diamond's dad? ›

Another note of his age in referenced in Trolly Tales 3 wherein Guy Diamond created a story which featured Sky as his father, meaning he was portrayed as old enough to be Guy's father in that story.

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